CDs & DVDs

Marcel has already released several recordings. His first recording was made in the Scheveningen Pniël Church and contained works by Feike Asma and Jan Zwart. This recording was originally released on cassette tape and is now (unfortunately) no longer available.

CD Marcel van Duyvenvoorde – bespeelt het orgel van de Bethelkerk in Scheveningen

The second recording took place on the organs of the Bethel Church. This CD contains works by various national and international composers and gives a good impression of the organs and the organist.

marcel_van_duyvenvoorde_bethelkerk_scheveningenl marcel_van_duyvenvoorde_bethelkerk_scheveningen_back

CD Marcel van Duyvenvoorde – “Grijp toch de kansen door God u gegeven”

A third recording was made 10 years later on the organ of the Grote Kerk in Maassluis. This CD, entitled ‘Grijp toch de kansen door God u gegeven’ (‘Seize the opportunities that God has given you’), contains Marcels own improvisations on works from the collection of religious songs and hymns publishe by Johan de Heer, well-known in Holland.

grijpt_toch_de_kansen_door_god_u_gegeven grijpt_toch_de_kansen_door_god_u_gegeven_back

DVD Marcel van Duyvenvoorde – bespeelt de twee orgels in de Bethelkerk te Scheveningen

In 2010 Marcel released his first DVD, again playing the organs of the Bethel Church. This is a spectaculair recording in which you have bird’s eye view of the organist’s fingers. The DVD contains works by Mendelssohn, Zwart, and others.

marcel_van_duyvenvoorde_bethelkerk_scheveningen_dvd marcel_van_duyvenvoorde_bethelkerk_scheveningen_dvd_back

CD Marcel van Duyvenvoorde & Arthur Kerklaan – “Friends”

Recently the CD ‘Friends’ was released, on which Marcel plays famous and less well-known pieces with trumpeter Arthur Kerklaan. Some tracks are accompanied on the superb Steinway grand piano in the Bethel Church.

friends_marcel_van_duyvenvoorde friends_marcel_van_duyvenvoorde_back