Marcel van Duyvenvoorde

Marcel van Duyvenvoorde

Marcel van Duyvenvoorde was born on October 7, 1960, in Scheveningen. At the age of 6 he was put at the organ (then electric) by his father and he was allowed to take lessons.

Marcel very much enjoyed that, and his musical gifts did not remain unnoticed for long: he was soon playing the hymns at his school’s weekly assembly. Later on, his grandfather took him to the NEBO hospital where he accompanied the nursing staff singing hymns and psalms in the hall.

After studying for some years with Wim Doolaard and Ben Fey, Marcel was appointed second organist in the Scheveningen Pniël Church. After the decease of the first organist, mr. Kleinhout, Marcel succeeded him at the pneumatic organ, built by Valckx & Vercouteren.

Later on, Marcel became assistant organist in the Scheveningen Bethel Church, where Sander van Marion was principal organist. Now Marcel is principal organist himself in this church with its two wonderful organs.

Through the years Marcel studied with Wim Thijssen (The Hague), Jan van Laar (Helmond), Jaap Kroonenburg (Maassluis) and Ben van Oosten (The Hague).

As musical accompanist Marcel is affiliated to the Kerkkoor Scheveningen (Scheveningen Church Choir), the Christelijke Gemengde Zangvereniging Concordia (Mixed Christian Choral Society Concordia) and the Randstad Choir. As a conductor he directs the Leidschendams Kerkkoor (Leidschendam Church Choir) and Vocalgroup D!VINE.

Marcel is increasingly in demand as an accompanist of choirs and soloists for musical performances and concerts. He also makes frequent appearances as a recitalist.

Musical CV

Organist and Pianist
Marcel was appointed principal organist in the Bethel Church in Scheveningen in 2007. This church has a main organ and a choir organ, with a total of 44 stops. The two instruments can be played simultaneously from one console for a grand effect or stereo sound! The Bethel Church also has a superb Steinway grand piano at its disposal, which is frequently played as Marcel is also a pianist.

As an organist, Marcel has played organs in Belgium, Germany, France, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Brazil.


Marcel is also very active as a musical accompanist. For 28 years now he has been accompanist to the Scheveningen Church Choir. He is also involved for many years with the Randstad Choir, a project choir which periodically undertakes trips abroad. He has also been involved for many years (from the age of 15) with the Scheveningen Choir “Concordia”, which was his first choral accompaniment engagement. With the Leidschendam Church Choir he was accompanist for 28 years but in January 2011 he was appointed conductor.


vocalgroup-divine-marcel-van-duyvenvoordeIn 1980 Marcel attended the Kurt Thomas Cours for Choral Conducting. Although he was a certified conductor after this course, he never felt the urge to really stand in front of a choir. In 2007 however, when making preparations for a special service with Worship Songs with the enthousiastic church members, he discovered that conducting was really fun. The result was the foundation of a singing group, which became Vocalgroup D!VINE.

From January 2011 Marcel has directed the Leidschendam Church Choir, with which he had a first major concert in December 2011.